Science is Vital is a grassroots campaigning organisation formed in 2010 by a group of concerned scientists and supporters to combat threats to the public R&D budget. We are all volunteers, making the case for UK research in our spare time.

Executive committee

Science is Vital is run by our executive committee:

  • Chair: Dr Andrew Steele
  • Treasurer: Shane McCracken
  • Secretary: Dr Kimberley Steed German
  • Dr Joanna Bagniewska
  • Dr Marianne Baker
  • Dr Ben Britton
  • Dr Shikta Das
  • Dr Austin Elliott
  • Dr Bertalan Gynes
  • Dr Laurence Hunt
  • Joe Sarling
  • Graham Steel

Advisory board

  • Dr Jenny Rohn
  • Prof Stephen Curry

A brief history of Science is Vital

2010 – Science is Vital founded. Petition, rally, and parliamentary lobby against threat of cuts to science budget. Read more »
2011 – Report “Careering Out of Control: A Crisis in the UK Science Profession?” presented in a meeting with David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science. Read the report »
2013 – Report on the legacy of the flat-cash settlement (based on information gathered from supporters all over the UK) presented in a meeting with David Willetts Read the report »
2014 – Organised a public consultation on plans for capital consultation Read more »
2015 – Broke the story that UK public funding of R&D had dropped below 0.5% of GDP Read the article »
2015 – Campaigned for real increases in the R&D budget in run-up to the Comprehensive Spending Review in Nov 2015. Public rally in Conway Hall with high-profile speakers was live-streamed & synchronised with meetings around the UK Read round-up and watch rally »
2016 – HE & Research Bill Action – media briefing and letter writing campaign to MPs Read more »


General and press: andrew@scienceisvital.org.uk