Update: CaSE has an updated list of media coverage, and there were even Questions in Parliament (about 23 minutes in)!

A late Friday night building placards was followed by a busy Saturday morning collecting vans, preparing speeches and briefing marshals. At 1.50 the early arrivals were dotted around King Charles Street. The media and organisers only just outnumbered by the crowd.

Then as Big Ben started to chime, scientists in lab coats started to arrive en masse. The pictures from Flickr and many many others can tell the story.

Check out this video report from the BBC, and another from CBC (Canada)—about 4:24 in for the rally, and 5:12 for the petition delivery!

Others have written:

UK science funds in limbo







Please leave links to ones I’ve missed in the comments and we’ll update later.





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20 Responses to Rally Report

  1. A few more pictures and fun stuff at the Science is Vital rally at http://www.jamescockburn.com/2010/10/science-was-is-and-always-will-be-vital.html 🙂

  2. Dean Burnett says:

    My own personal report on the rally.


    It’s not particularly encompassing of the aims, but it might provide a minutes entertainment.

  3. Tom Hartley says:

    Faces of “Science Is Vital”. Can you spot yourself?


    So glad I made it down from York.

  4. James Thomas says:

    Just a quick one of a very good LHC (inc projects!)


  5. Jonathan says:

    Brand new science-y site, not even (quite) officially launched yet, but I was so impressed by the rally I really wanted to put something up. 🙂


  6. Prateek Buch says:

    Dr. Evan Harris kindly agreed to host my write-up on his Political Science blog over at the Guardian Science blogs:


    this includes links to several photos too…!

  7. Simon North says:

    I can’t see it linked anywhere, so just in case – The Guardian’s Newton Channel has a nice video of the rally:

    (I’m the slightly brummy one 🙂 )

  8. rwintle says:

    Not a summary per se, but here’s a follow-on blogpost quoting Jenny’s nice letter to the signatories. Will be cross-posted in the usual place once I get around to it.


  9. http://thesciencesays.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/trish-and-becky-think-more-about-why-science-is-vital/

    Great day everyone – here’s our video of the rally. Thanks to everyone who let me video them. We were the ones with the ‘I like chocolate’ and ‘Feed the world! How?’ banners

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