Science is Vital is a grassroots campaign of UK scientists and supporters of science who believe that a strong science base is vital to the UK’s economy and reputation. Formed in 2010 as a response to threatened government cuts to science, we’ve incorporated as a formal group to remain on call to speak for the interests of scientists and UK science. But we remain a strictly grassroots organisation: we are all volunteers; working scientists, ex-scientists and non-scientists. We have no funding and give freely of our own time and resources to campaign.

Our executive committee

  • Chair: Dr Jenny Rohn
  • Vice-chairs:
    Prof. Stephen Curry
    Dr Andrew Steele
  • Treasurer: Shane McCracken
  • Secretary: Dr Richard P Grant
  • Membership: Dr Mathew Martin
  • Dr Paula Salgado
  • Dr Marianne Baker
  • Dr Tom Hartley
  • Dr Nathan Skene

In memoriam

We are very sad that Dr Julie Ghosh, our Membership Secretary, died in March 2014.

Our history

Science is Vital is the brainchild of Dr Jennifer Rohn, a cell biologist at University College London. Fed up with hand-wringing over proposed cuts to government funding of science in the UK, she exclaimed “no more Dr Nice Guy!” and proposed scientists do something about it. Science is Vital was born, followed swiftly by the recruitment of a core of like-minded individuals. The Campaign for Science and Engineering and dozens of other scientific organisations and charities committed to the cause, and the show was on the road.


General and press: jenny[at]scienceisvital.org.uk

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