As a new spur to our campaign for vital amendments to the 2016 Higher Education and Research Bill, which will shortly reach the House of Lords, we are asking supporters to target members of the upper house to express their concerns.

An outline of Science is Vital’s major worries about the bill is given here. For more detail, consult Stephen Curry’s article in the Guardian.

Although members of the House of Lords are not representative of particular constituencies in the same way as MPs, we have identified those who are likely to have a particular interest in higher education and research: members who are or were university vice-chancellors.

If you work at a university in the UK, please consult the list to see if a past or present Vice-Chancellor from your institution is on this list (PDF) and write to them – the House of Lords web-site lists the contact details for all members. If you have already written to your MP as part of our campaign you could simply send a copy or variant of your letter.

Even if your Vice Chancellor is not a member of the House of Lords, please consider writing to them anyway. They need our support and encouragement to help maintain the independence – and the vigour – of our universities and research councils.


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