A welcome pack for Jo Johnson

We want your suggestions for a UK science reading list to give to the UK’s new science minister!

The UK has a new Minister for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson. Mr Johnson is a skilled and respected policy expert, with a first-class degree in modern history from Balliol College, Oxford.

We at Science is Vital would like to provide Mr Johnson with a reading list to help him get up to speed with the vibrancy and diversity of the UK science base. We’d like to give him a flavour of everything from the economically significant to the ingenious and, most importantly, what we stand to lose if the government’s investment in research continues to decline.

That’s why we’re asking for your suggestions. What’s your favourite piece of science done in Britain from the last few years – including work that came from international collaborations? Do you know of some vital work whose importance has been understated? Have you read something about the economic and social impacts of science which the new Minister should see?

Let us know by filling in this form.

Thanks for your help!