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As a key part of the current campaign, we want you to explain to George Osborne and the Treasury why science is vital to you, and what we’d all stand to lose if we don’t reverse the decline in science funding. We need to demonstrate once again the breadth and depth of support for science around the country.

It’s easy – you can just write your message and add an image (if you like) using the form below, and we’ll do the rest. See below the form for more information and inspiration – or check out some of the postcards already submitted. These are some of our favourites.

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Make it personal

We want to make these messages personal. Be creative, be amusing, be memorable, be heart-felt: take a selfie with your favourite bit of lab equipment (or data!), or with your favourite science book. Make a splash however you can!

Are you, or is someone you love, a patient with a disease that will benefit from research? Are you passionate about the environment and research into climate change or alternative energy sources? Are you a scientist who chose the UK because of its world-leading institutions and infrastructure? Or do you just love reading the latest news about dark matter and the Higgs boson?

Please let us know why science is vital to you, and we’ll print up the resulting pile of postcards and make sure they get delivered to Rt Hon. G. Osborne, 1 Horse Guards Road, London.


Please note that we need your actual name, address and postcode to make it clear that you are a UK resident. This will be printed on the postcard sent to George but not shared electronically with anyone else. We would however like to be able to share your name, message and image on our site, on twitter and at our event. Please email shane@scienceisvital.org.uk if you prefer we didn’t.