Science: As Vital As Ever around the UK

Our rally in Conway Hall on 26th October at 7pm will be live-streamed on the internet (the link will work on the night). So that as many people as possible can follow the London meeting, we are organising parallel events the length and breadth of the UK including:

Those of us unable to attend the main event can make our voices heard by gathering for the virtual events and these local gatherings. The more the merrier, so please consider organising your own event or get in touch about attending one of those already underway. Our primary goal is to show opposition to these cuts as loudly as possible.

Register your intention to organise local event on this form; we’ll add your site (and further details when available) to the list at the top of this page.

How to organise your party 

Supporters need to know that wherever they are, they are part of something bigger and can make a real difference.

Get your party up and running:

  • Find a venue
  • Invite friends and colleagues to attend and/or organize
  • Spread the word through personal email, social media and word-of-mouth
  • Create a short programme of light-hearted activities, speeches and music – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but rousing. No more Dr Nice Guy!

Your plans could be ambitious – hire a PA, big screen, get some drinks and nibbles, or low-key – meet at the pub or next to the autoclave. Everything counts!

Ways to join the call to protect UK science:

  • Watch the livestream from Conway Hall LINK TO USE ON THE NIGHT:
  • Be part of the action and contribute to the central rally
  • Prepare for technical gremlins and have activities for plan B and C if the “satellite link” goes down.
  • Keep a concrete record (photos, videos) of your event that we can share.
  • Write a postcard using our form and attach a group picture – we’ll print it out and deliver it (free) to the Treasury. Everybody should do this!
  • Share selfies on social media and tag with #scienceisvital; and why not hold up a sign or dust off your photo editing skills to add your personal, blunt or witty message for the chancellor.
  • Dress up! Maybe wear a lab coat/goggles, use props, clothes and costumes imaginatively to show what you do, what you care about and why science is vital – maybe how your specific scientific interest or obsession fits in.

If you’ve managed to assemble a slightly bigger crowd, you may want to be more ambitious:

  • Invite a local celebrity or scientific hero or academic leader to give a brief speech.
  • Ask contacts outside science who can speak up powerfully in favour of research.

Medical charities or scitech business have supported Science Is Vital events in the past, can you think of someone who fits the bill?

Let us know your plans @ScienceIsVital, and together we will show the Government that Science is As Vital As Ever!